Wrecking Balm Review

About Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Fade System

The premise behind the product is simple – it provides a system that will gradually allow you to fade your tattoo in a much more affordable way than laser removal and for a lot less cash.

The system includes an erosion head, a microdermabrasion applicator, a concealer, a suffusion gel and a moisturizer.

What Does the Manufacturer Promise?

The manufacturer claims that the product will work on any tattoo no matter how big or small and no matter what ink was used. They promise results in a few months.

In addition, the process is apparently pain-free and convenient – you will only need to use the kit for three minutes on every second day.

The location of the tattoo makes very little difference according to the manufacturer.

The system is simple – use the erosion head and suffusion gel on the tattoo every second day – this will help to remove the tattoo over time. Moisturize every day. Apply the concealer if you want to cover the tattoo while this process is underway.

Does it Deliver?

Now let’s get down to brass tacks – does it work?

If you look at the reviews of the product online, you are going to battle to find good reviews. In fact, despite the high number of sales of the product, many consumers report that it did not work for them at all – even though they followed the instructions to the letter.

Most clients who wrote reviews actually recommended that you not buy the product at all because it did not work as it was supposed to.

Looking at the advertisement, you see a number of great pictures showing how well the product worked over time but in light of the reviews, one has to wonder whether these are accurate or not.

The reason that so many people are willing to try the product is because of the expensive cost of laser removal and the pan associated with it – you could be looking at ten times the cost when it comes to laser removal.

What Couldn’t the Balm Erase?

Check out the best natural tattoo removal method here. (No, it’s not the Wrecking Balm System)

The reviews were from clients with tattoos of varying shapes, designs and sizes. The locations of the tattoos varied widely as well.

People tried the Wrecking Balm to remove big tattoos and small tattoos.

Most of the people doing the reviews were trying to get rid of tattoos that were older – tattoos that had already started to fade.

The reviews were unanimous – the results were extremely disappointing, even after using the product as per the manufacturer’s instructions over many months. In some cases, clients continued with the treatment process for over a year.

Most people said that the product had not made even the slightest difference to the tattoo.

The truth is that most people had had their tattoos done in black using a good quality ink and by a qualified professional. This makes home removal of the tattoo, no matter its age or size, just about impossible.

Those who had less professional work done, with a poor-quality ink, such as is done in prison tats, or those done with inks of different colors, did notice a little bit of a difference when it came to the shading of the tattoo as long as they were diligently applying the product for three or four months.

What Complaints Came Up?

The main complaint was that the product didn’t work, but there were some others as well.

Some clients felt that the kit was difficult to use and that the amount of product included in the first kit is only enough for about two months’ worth of treatment. That means that you are forced to do at least one refill.

Since the product claims that the process can take several months, this means that most consumers buy at least one refill kit – extra expense that often proves to be a waste of money.

Clients also found that the head on the microdermabrasion tool is not secured well enough to the abrasive part. This makes them easy to break and the set of two provided is not adequate for the application of all of the suffusion gel.

People who lack patience are advised to steer clear of this product because progress, if any is made, is extremely slow. You might only expect to see a difference after three or four months if you are lucky enough to see a difference at all.

Those with sensitive skin might also find that this product ends up causing redness or bruising when used over the long term as a result of the pressure that is necessary to apply the product correctly.

What Does It Have in It?

People primarily voiced disappointment with the Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Kit because of the limited quantities that were received and because the ingredients are easily obtainable at a drugstore.

The cream, as an example, is simply made up of aloe, Shea butter, cocoa, and miner oil , in an emollient.

You can easily whip up a batch of the same cream by buying these ingredients at the drugstore and it will cost you a whole lot less.

The suffusion gel is also nothing very special – it is a basic scrub that uses ground up walnut shells and a low concentration of salicylic acid.

Looking at the individual ingredients, it is plain to see that the products within the kit are simply not strong enough to do the job properly or to make a noticeable difference.

All that the so-called erosion head only vibrates is another downside – one would have thought that it could be set to rotate as well. Instead you have to rotate it manually yourself, making a difficult process more difficult.

The product does have two speed settings but it does not seem to make a difference at all when it comes to the abrasive effect – you have to apply pressure for it to work.

One area that they almost got right was the concealer. It works well as long as you have a skin tone that is medium. They should offer a range of different skin tones for different clients.

Yes, if you have a paler or darker skin you can still use the concealer and it will cover up the tattoo – unfortunately it will be glaringly obvious that you have used concealer.

The Final Verdict

The fact that this product is so easily available is a big plus but the product itself is a real let-down. You would be better off using a recipe for tattoo removal paste off the internet and save yourself time and money.

The simplest way is to rub a thick salt paste onto the site of the tattoo at least once or twice a day. After doing this for about a month, you will start to see results and, over time, may just be able to completely get rid of your tattoo.

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